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FOX Business
Oct 8, 2012 8:00pm EDT
going into next debate, both nominees are dead even. a new pew poll, showing mitt romney, jumping 4 points ahead. to pat goodell, a game changer, thank you for joining us, what do you make of this idea. do the debates matter or not in chances of someone winning the election? >> they do matter a great dial, this is biggest single debate in helping a candidate since ronald reagan. it was one debate, in carter in '76 they proved people were comfortable to him becoming president. less:liz: said no more presidel debates. >> that is right, until 1976, i remember i went did the research, getting ready for 76 debate, i assume like everyone else legend was that kennedy won first debate big and moved polls a lot, he had not, he moved them a few points but he got what i call credibility threshold. the reason that romney is doing so well, not vote numbers alone. he did was, you could see it in cbs poll, their panel of uncommitted voters. liz: the guys and ladies in 40 40 40-yard line. >> yes, 30% said that romneycared about people about them at the beginning of the debate, by the end it was 5
FOX Business
Oct 9, 2012 8:00pm EDT
and they are going him. >> the one thing that mitt romney seldom have is a big chunk of the democrats. who knows whether the polls are true. if you give them any kind of credence at all, he said only about 3% of the registered democrats are going even after thh debate with reagan, of course, got that whole horde of reagan democrats. it might happen. the election is still a ways away. it might happen. but at the very least, he does have a much bigger percentage of independents than he did before. i want to get back to this advertisement. it really is the epitome of class warfare. saying that capitalism is just about crooks and bad guys. and romney is one of them. the america -- they have tried this before in the american public didn't buy before, the associated all the class warfare with the occupy movement. all of the socialist and marxist involved in that. so that didn't work. if they are trying to get the independent voters, this may work with their base come but it's not going to work with independents and those are precisely the people that somehow obama has to get back in his corner. this i
FOX Business
Oct 11, 2012 8:00pm EDT
national polls, but looking at the poll state by state, because, the numbers i look at every morning in addition to senate numbers they have presidential numbers, there is no question that governor romney helped himself immensely after last week, we would like for it to last. neil: right, the numbers that went from double digit in ohio to mid single digit, many counterparts say, they think that is under state the support that mitt romney has. >> closer than that in ohio. neil: what do you engine. >think?>> a dead even race. neil: really. >> yes. neil: and this early voting that president has been focussing on, take advantage of an also ary lead. >> i read in ohio a lot of early voters are democratic, but other states they are majority is republican. in the end you have a total of all voters, i would not read too much into the early vote. there are reports that president has gotten off to a good start in early voting in ohio. neil: quickly, we'll be live in washington this weekend, we hope to call you if you are available. covering the other discussion that is getting little discussio
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)